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state of the blog 2k18

part one stolas tumblr is i think a weakness it is a cancerous black hole that only broken starships and powerful owls may orbit and we orbit the owl sure but all motion is relative so the owl also orbits us watching our foolishness as though in a boschian triptych but this is neither here nor there i dont even follow argumate any more as the goodness of his witty posts was outweighed by the irritation of his bad center-wrong opinions but i do enjoy visiting his blog from time to time and i think https://argumate.tumblr.com/search/enye-word could serve as something of a best of enye-word especially if you have exactly argumates sense of humor but back to my main point i think tumblr is a weakness i think it either attracts the weak and vile or weakens and enviles the strong and neither of these are good i do not know if this is a universal effect or if that dark blue fetus that incubates just beyond the event horizon whispers darkly to the rest of you or only to me i have met some beautiful people who seem to be doing well on this website and to be honest the website seems designed to be used in a different way than i would want to use it so fairs fair but i do not think it is wise for me to tarry too long here maybe a day here and day there but never too long but for a long time my use of tumblr has been defined by my contempt for it if i deigned even to put forth the most minimal effort into this website i would have a much better time but its always been such a vexing website that ive never wanted to entrust effort into it part two andras but weve had some good times havent we ive seen some good posts made some good posts had some good interactions seen some good pictures of cats every time ive used a line break on this website its been an act of cowardice the thing is that i dont even enjoy using tumblr after i get into the swing of it its just another stovetop to watch another thing to compulsively worry about another obstacle to add to my routines and once i noticed this since i have a prefrontal cortex i left fool me once shame on you fool me cant get fooled again as it were im just too neurotic or particular i guess and i was very busy and stressed and all in all tumblr wasnt worth it not to imply that when i have a lot of free time tumblr would be worth it like i might as well use my time to create something of value and store it somewhere of value or consume art or talk to my friends or go for a walk and also tumblr has revealed to me that people who try to do moral investigation in this day and age but are not exemplary aka the top five percent of moral thinkers minus the top 1 percent turn to shit like tumblr for ideas and thus their minds are exposed to poison rot and epicycles on demonic wheels but what can you do well espouse virtue i guess but i have always said tumblr bad internet bad real life good go talk to your friends and or parents and take a walk but perhaps this is bad advice not everyone wants to be a digital hermit or live in the 18th century perhaps they need advice that is not directly opposed to social media and instead tells them how to use it virtuously instead of just advising against using it at all all in all i am a fabulous human being and you must remember in this digital age not to let the memes an instincts turn you into a pack of rabid dogs this post seems kinda whiny and bad to me now but state of the blogs are apparently all about whining because what other emotion could i hold with tumblr being like it is and me being like i am and me using tumblr thats why theyre under readmores that and their tremendous almost actual-blog-post length tumblr is crumbling now i hear they are banning the porn and everybodys leaving or something i think probably nothing will really happen anyhow ive said what i came here to say and it is time to stop thinking about this post now that ive thrown in everything i thought maybe i should to get that sweet sweet closure and leave nothing unsaid except of course for things ive said in previous posts or will take to my grave




honestly though philosophy needs more computer scientists.

sounds like a waste of a perfectly good computer scientist

oh don’t worry the good computer scientists won’t bother

wtf whats the point then bad computer scientists will only make for bad philosophers as a general rule


used my sideblog to reblog-with-commentary a post on dating and gender and who initiates, and the one thing I do want to say also on my main blog is:

Being the initiator is hugely advantageous. I’ve never had a bad date or dated anyone I regretted dating. My suspicion is that the majority of my women friends who had bad relationships had partners who chose them, rather than the other way around. If you are 100% passive in the dating market, your partners will be filtered first by ‘being the kind of person who wants to date you’. If you are 100% active, your partners will be filtered first by ‘being the kind of person you want to date’. I think the latter is a winning strategy, regardless of agent gender.

my addendum here, which is only applicable to people who live in progressive enough cultural spheres that they can afford to do this, is: if you’re a woman asking out a guy who thinks it’s weird/off-putting that you’re initiating, that’s probably not someone you want to be dating anyway.

the reason is glaringly obvious to everyone who studied algorithms and is familiar with gale and shapleys solution to the stable matching problem which i assume is true of most okcupid users




i want men to be able to emotionally connect with people they don’t plan on having sex with. i want men to stop assuming i am planning on having sex with them because i make an effort to engage with them emotionally. i want men to stop feeling personally betrayed by the fact that i engage deeply & genuinely with people regardless of whether i desire them sexually, because i value people & seek to understand & connect with them regardless of sexual attraction

man voice i want people to have sex with me

[sex just relax have a sex dorites.png]

this picture is also applicable whenever anyone talks about gender